• Women's Edition

    How I Got the Shot Guide

    30 amazing female photographers share their inspiration, challenges, process
    and final shots in the Women’s Edition of How I Got the Shot.
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    USB-C Cables

    Shoot tethered with cameras or computers that feature USB-C connection
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    Case Air Wireless Tethering System

    Wirelessly tether and control your camera from any portable device
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    Build a Photo Booth With Our Kits

    Utilize gear you already have to generate extra event revenue
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    Uninterruptible Power for your Camera

    Power your camera continually with an external battery pack or wall power
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    Mount Your iMac to Stands

    Keep your iMac at eye level for tethered workflow
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    Choose Your Stand Height

    Low to high adjustment allows for waist level to overhead support
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Our Featured Gear

TetherPro Cable


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in Tethering Cables
JerkStopper Cable Management


Secure and Manage Your Cables
While Protecting Sensitive Ports
Rock Solid Mounts

Rock Solid Line

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Gear to Meet Your Vision
Tether Table Aero

Tether Table Aero System

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Ultimate Workstation
Case Relay Power

Power Solutions

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Photographers & Videographers

RapidMount Line

Lighting & Capturing
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What Does it Take to Shoot Tethered?

To start shooting tethered, all you need is a camera, cable, and computer, it’s simple as that. Like any process, the more into it you get, the more involved it can become, but setting up a basic tethered photography system is easy to do.
camera support
A camera that supports
instant image transfer
connected cable
A compatible cable to connect
your camera to a computer
proper computer software
Proper computer software to receive
the images being transfered

The All New

USB 3.0 Connection Solution

The TetherBoost Pro provides consistent power to maintain a stable connection for tethered image transfer when using a DSLR or medium-format digital back system connected to a computer via USB 3.0 cables – now at distances up to 65 feet.
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divider Designed for Working Professionals

Designed for the Working Professional Photographer

Tether Tools innovative solutions will take your photography and professional image to the next level by enhancing productivity, improving efficiency, and increasing safety in your workflow.
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Aero LaunchPad Table

Aero LaunchPad

Elevate your drone experience with this stable portable platform, perfect for ensuring clean takeoffs and the ideal workspace forconducting your pre-flight checklist or adjustments on the go.
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divider Case Relay

Stay Powered Up

The Case Relay Camera Power System is the first uninterruptible power system that consistently powers a camera via any common USB 5V external battery pack or wall power. This technology provides, for the first time ever, a hot swappable, infinite power source for most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.
Case Relay
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